Year ago I sat around waving a white flag,

that’s about it, I said to myself.

These clouds keep swirling around.

From blue moon that spelled like

a round Saphire on my thirteenth birthday,

to stars that dropped from the night sky.

I ran to the balcony to gather star dust –

concrete jungle surrounding young girl

with eyes open wide.

Stardust in my hair, dirt faced I asked –

am I sparkling yet? Glowing like a star?

And you smiled and said that I am your star.

Your silver hair shone with wisdom

while I gathered dirt to keep it in my pocket

to shine on a rainy day.

Decades passed since,

I still remember that night,

the glow in your eyes.

That warm smile. You knew!

So as I sat giving-up hope, knowing

dogs and cats are just about

the only good things on a rainy day

that I have got for me;

I was reminded of the stardust gathered.

That night I did indeed catch a falling star,

it remained in my pocket, waiting.

Waiting for its moment. Reminding me:

I can be dirt faced but not dud.

It’s time to shine again.

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