Mommy Diaries: Video Games

I love playing video games. It started when my childhood friend HM introduced me to Contra. A run ‘n’ gun shooter video game that we played on a small white Samurai (Nintendo Entertainment System). Super Mario was my other favourite, alongside Legend of Zelda and Street Fighter. The hours I’ve spent infront of TV, after exams… I think it helped me through tough days at school and definitely became a reason for my interest in graphics and design.

I think the one person who opposed most to my gaming was my mother. Of course, it is believed that gaming causes poor emotional regulation, sleep deprivation, insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, depression, aggression, and anxiety… but more data is required to establish validity of such beliefs. For me, it brought focus. As a matter of fact, the year my mother took my console away, I lacked focus and got into fights with class bullies, – finally failed my finals. Out of frustration she returned the console a year later, and boom – good marks, focus, discipline. So I cannot say that gaming did me bad. In the long run, it kept me from getting into trouble.

Later I realised that for someone with ADHD, gaming can be a boon! There are studies that show that gaming can improve cognitive abilities, alongside problem-solving skills and logic. For people with dyslexia and ADHD where hand-eye coordination is an issue, gaming can help with increased hand-to-eye coordination. These apart, it also induces multi-tasking ability, faster and more accurate decision-making, also higher level of attention to detail. In short, for those who look at gamers like we are anti-social good-for-nothings, it’s time for a mindset change.

Of course there are idiots who just won’t go to work, socialise or shower for months cause of gaming. They are the addicts. And I am not speaking for addicts. I am speaking for a healthy dose of entertainment. And also for those who made it into a job. I am speaking for them. Cause for me, video games (and comics) were my first love. Then came regatta, and finally contemporary dancing.

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