Day 157: #Guns and Women

While mentoring one of my students at Masterstudio (HGK, Basel) for her Master Thesis titled: “What attitude do Swiss and American students have towards guns? A study to visualise thoughts and attitudes regarding on-going debates about gun-control.” – I remember passing a snide comment about how guns have more rights than a woman in America. Last few days/weeks of news just reminded me of how horribly messed-up that is.

With all respect… A country that teaches its people to vehemently pledge allegiance to the flag since the moment they can toddle to school, not able to separate state and religion, have terrible healthcare, no idea of the world outside their bubble, monitoring a woman’s body thoroughly but never monitors (nor makes amends to) their gun-laws, – a country where people believe in “thoughts and prayers” more effectively than change through active participation in elections and revamping the whole system – is not a country (let alone a “first world”). America is a cult!

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