Day 79: Career Break

One of the many things that isn’t quite discussed for women – is the aspect of career break, and the anxiety it might cause to some. Perhaps cause it is just expected that a woman remains home after having kids or that she is too ambitious if she wants to have it all. But, we forget that People take career breaks for various reasons: travel, studies, recovery from burnout or spend time with kids. But without proper planning, it can all be a kind of limbo.

My career break starts from 1st of April. With the end of my current work contract. But everywhere we are suggested to lay the groundwork for a return to work when I am ready, by networking, setting boundaries, and getting recruiters to come to me. In the mean time I also intend on finishing my current masters – so I am looking at a semi-career break, a chance to recalibrate my priorities and have a go at detoxing from the stress of corporate world.

Easier said than done.

When you are someone who’s independent, the very fact of not having a paycheque but depending on someone while you are getting your act together – can be overly stressful. Also, HR and recruiters go for the easy option of choosing someone who is currently at the same job, so the question remains – how do I enter the market again? My strategy is this: add my gap – and the reason for it – right into my experience section. Maternity is a clear indicator for career break, and in todays world this is a new normal that needn’t be hidden.

Yet the anxiety doesn’t help. So through it all I have to remember that this is not “the big quit” but is truly the “big upgrade”. A new chapter. Now how I spin it, is what one should look out for.

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