Day 70: Covid during Pregnancy

It’s the time of a pandemic, and is almost unavoidable.

Yes. It has happened. I am just immensely grateful that I have my vaccines and the severity with which it hits those without, didn’t happen to me, and hence didn’t affect me as badly as it should. I ran a mild-fever with chills the first night – followed by fatigue, body ache, cough and cold. Second night – sneezing, cough and cold (remembering not to accidentally swallow mucuses… so it leaves me making this disgusting throaty noice to get it off my throat/chest and out on a napkin), and now just nose block, cold and joint aches. No breathing issues, nothing.

I guess it’s also the exhaustion of being in the seventh month and a geriatric pregnancy – full-time working and during my first trimester, I was also studying 20% on top of work. It never occurred to me to take any rest. Perhaps this was my body’s way of telling me to “slow down, you are a tiny-human-making-machine at the moment”!

So plenty of rest, hydration, vitamin C, and calorie rich food it is! I have been sleeping day-in and day-out, cause mild activity is exhausting!

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