Day 60: Forgetful Prettiness

Being pregnant and feeling pretty doesn’t always go hand-in-hand. Least of it all is: feeling intelligent. To be honest, my forgetfulness has hit a new high – and since the weight gain and lack of clothing (that properly satisfies me) – I have taken to Steve Jobs’ style, just with an added woollen tank top/sleeveless sweater. Least attractive but does the job for a designer, as I recklessly add a strand of pearls to it!

Hormones means a bunch of weird bodily smell that no one warned me about. Washing my hair everyday doesn’t help from dirty hair odour, so now I had to buy a hair-perfume so that I don’t faint at my own royal-smelliness! My usual perfume doesn’t stick on me – so now I am on a hunt for new. That apart, imagine reading something important and not being able to process it! I mean, I have dyslexia yes, but I never forget what I read – and now I am facing something that is colloquially called “mom brain”. Usually it refers to the forgetfulness and brain fog that some mothers experience after the birth of their children, but holy-cow! Before the birth of the child is something I never expected! Whether you call it mom brain, mommy brain, momnesia or baby brain, if you’re a mother, you’re likely to relate. But yet to be a mom and experiencing it – can be unnerving.

So there you go… start of March, my birth month, and I am torn between finding solutions to my forgetfulness and staying pretty for me!

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