Day 57: Poochie bath-time

Giving Poochie a bath doesn’t need coaxing. It’s easy as she trusts me with it. But that might not be the case for other dogs. And bathing a dog while being pregnant is not an easy task. Small to medium dogs are perhaps easier to handle than the big ones. Still I feel I am lucky with mine. She just sits there or stands on her hind legs, waiting for the shower.

My trick is using warm water. I check the temperature to make sure it’s just right before wetting her (no she doesn’t shake it off). Then I take the shampoo – usually diluted – diluting shampoo helps as it suds-up and spread better. Though some people use a loofah to spread the shampoo, I find it nicer to use my hand and give her a massage on the process.

I don’t use conditioner on her, but I do make sure that I keep brushing her while washing off the products. Cause if any amount of product remains then it stays on the skin and irritates it. It’s worse than not giving a bath. After that I literally wrap her like a burrito in her towel, and start to blow-dry her.

She remains so still, I must say she’s the easiest dog to bathe and groom.

And now she’s sleeping next to me in bed. It’s time for me to get some sleep aswel!

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