Day 52: Glucose

What am I up to this morning? After 12 hours of no food and about 10 hours of no water – I am at the glucose test.

This screening test involves drinking glucose mixed in water. It is probably the most sugary glucose I’ve ever had. The nurse gave me lemon juice to put into mine as I could barely drink the second half of it. Before drinking this liquid, blood is taken and after drinking this liquid another blood-test follows an hour later to check glucose levels. And then after another hour – a 3rd blood-test. I am currently waiting for the second blood test in about 15mins.

Now, what happens if the level is high? I will have to go through a glucose-tolerance test. For this test, I’ll be given glucose solution on an empty stomach and have my blood drawn once every hour for 3 hours. Not sure what difference there is really to that and what I am going through now. If only there was a translation robot for technical German terms that I cannot wrap my non-medical/non-Germanophone head around.

I am sleepy.

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