Day 51

Now that lifting of access restrictions by means of the COVID certificate (3G, 2G and 2G+) in cinemas, fitness centres, theatres, restaurants and events has occurred, and the obligation to obtain a licence for major events are lifted in Switzerland, – as well as the obligation to wear a mask in shops, restaurants and in facilities, establishments and events accessible to the public is no longer needed; I am surprised by the crowd that decided to get out of home this weekend.

It’s overwhelming to see so many people around! I wasn’t used to this. I don’t know whether to take this measure as irresponsible or to see it as the government just gave up and decided to see how the nation reacts. Those against vaccination and even against being tested (beats me why), are rejoicing – while the rest of us are shaking our heads.

One thing for sure though… I think COVID (despite being a pandemic) period was perhaps every introverts comfort zone.

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