Day 41: It’s my life

When I was younger, way younger, I was told by my class teacher that my parents don’t have the same expectations out of me as other girls in my class. That most of the girls (especially the ones acing every exam) would most-probably end-up married, in the kitchen, taking care of husband and children. That is the fate of most Indian girls. And I wasn’t expected to do any of that.

Indeed I wasn’t expected to do any of that. Indeed I have been independent from my parents since I turned 18. I have traveled around the world, lived in countries in three different continents all by myself, worked and supported myself even when my dad was always there for me to fall back on. I could live my life by my own rules. I might not be a famous writer, or a famous artist – or founder of some extraordinary company… having my name on the news every now and then…. but I can say one thing with conviction: I didnot let my parents define who I should be. I didnot ask my parents to help me with my career. I didnot take the easy way.

I realise that part of my character even more now-a-days as I am working hard (both career and education wise) while being pregnant. Everyday I am thankful for any support and love that comes my way as I know it didn’t come to me because of my parents but rather who I am – as a person. As an individual. For being unapologetically me. For being a person who walked away from a life of privilege, and chose a self made life of dignity. To some it might look mediocre, to some a taboo, and to some extraordinary – but to me?

It’s my life.

I am grateful for everyone who has shown me love and kindness, for everyone who didn’t judge me but welcomed me into their life with open arms, open mind, and heart full of love.

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