Day 40: why is pregnancy weight gain such a damned taboo?

So I have become huge again. And my gynaecologist was worried. Thing is pregnancy weight gain is such a fussy thing to discuss, that it is almost annoying.

Gaining weight during pregnancy is inevitable. It isn’t just the baby that contributes to weight gain, but also placenta, increased blood volume, larger breasts, fat stores to support breastfeeding, everything and more. How much one gains is quite important, as it can affect both mother and the child.

When I got pregnant I was 9kilos underweight. Was super busy and active, never ate regularly, my idea of a meal was one meal per day – with boiled veggies and fish. I would walk an average of 11000 steps per day. Go out with my friends almost every evening and “Stress” was my middle name. And now I eat regularly, take it slow, and my body reacted “store it all up before famine hits again”!

So now I am 14 kilos over weight already! Especially since my first trimester instead of morning sickness I had morning hunger! I was hungry all the time. Every second of the day! So I ate. I ate healthy. Meat, fish, veggies, fruits, salad, occasional Gorgonzola pizza (4 time throughout my whole pregnancy), cheese, milk… and my body went – “store-up!” This fast weight gain made my gynaecologist, midwife, and nutritionist go on an alert mode. I haves to take my first blood sugar test (that came out negative) and next week a glucose test (fingers crossed).

My nutritionist kept asking – “does this weight gain bother you?” And I kept saying – “no it doesn’t cause I know my body and after my pregnancy my food habits will be precarious again and then my body will lose kilos fast again and then again everyone will be on an alert mode”! Yes she knows that too. Last year she saw me lose 20kilos in less than 4months and went on an alert mode! They made me do a bunch of tests and only after contracting “Helicobacter pylori” from my ex-boyfriend J, did they have a reason to say – “a-ha!”

Pregnancy is not experienced same way by everyone. I experience it with zero nausea, weight gain, tiredness, and constant positivity. Perhaps because my pregnancy would be considered geriatric – I am mentally prepared for things that come my way. For me it is not about “the motherhood experience” but rather the next stage of my life – “becoming a mother”. All I can wish for is a healthy child.

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