Day 35: Reasons

So Dan-the man read somewhere that grandparents have the strangest reasons to become grandparents. In some interview one of the reasons that was mentioned was along the lines of “so that I can express weird opinions about Israel (like the shape of Israel) and due to my age and number of years I’ll be living, my grandchildren won’t pick a fight or try to change my opinion.”

So I had asked my dad, why does he want to be a grandparent and why does he wish it’s a grandson and not a granddaughter? His reply was “pants. So that I can get him custom tailored pants”. I replied – “but you could buy me pants too – I’ve been wearing pants and shirt all my life”. His reply? “Not the same. Boy jeans different than girl jeans and I want to use up all my fine handwoven garment-materials for custom made suits and jackets for my grandson – that’s why I want a grand son. Also, I could never buy you silk dhoti! Now a days girls wear dhoti as fashion but back then, that was frowned upon. To be honest, at this point I will take anything… grandson or granddaughter doesn’t matter – I want to buy them good pants and dhotis.

Traditional Bengali Menswear-Dhoti

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