Day 30: Pregnant and Attractive?

A few days ago at the grocery store when I couldn’t pick up an orange that I had accidentally dropped – out of all women present – it was a man in his late 30’s (I assume) in his crisp business attire (as more or less all morning commuters in Switzerland are dressed in – regardless of gender) rushed by my side and picked it up for me, and placed it in the palm of my hand. There was something weird about the way he made eye contact and threw a charming smile at me – first I thought he was being very kind so I thanked him – but then he lingered on and asked me how far along I was in Swiss German.

At first I didn’t get his accent (Swiss German varies from region to region, canton to canton) – and when I replied that I don’t understand his accent and if he can speak French or English – he asked again in English. After I replied he asked where I was going this early in the morning. “Ah! Work. Times have changed. Pregnant women too go to work you know? Wish you a lovely day, and thank you again for picking up the orange.” He stood there bright eyed looking at me. Clearly he was lingering and wanted to know more – but at this point I was rushing to the counter to pay and get to my 8:23 to Zurich!

The past few days I have noticed while commuting that men – random strangers of this particular gender in the train – are trying to make conversation, throwing in charming smiles, and staring at me with this undeniable urgent look in their eyes. And instinctively I know it’s not just kindness and manners (and pregnant women instincts are quite accurate, whether or not you have instant proof of its accuracy)…! I did give it benefit of the doubt. I mean, how can they be attracted to the hippopotamus that I have become? It must be just kindness, right? But no, some of these dudes have even asked me if I would like to “keep in touch”! That’s not normal. Swiss men don’t just randomly chat up with strange women in the train and want to keep in touch unless they are clearly flirting.

I had to ask myself – where were they when I was single? Why are they chatting up now – is it the lack of a wedding ring on my finger or are the just homing in on my visually obvious fertility? Is that attractive? Or is it obvious how worked-up I am, with the surge of pregnancy hormones? Or do they think my fatigued, pimple-prone-pregnancy-skin and bushy hair is remotely sensual while I wobble my way around?

Yes, it is a known fact that sex with pregnant woman can be the best any man can ever experience – but that is usually in the realm of committed relationship. Ok. Times have changed and single moms are obviously single – but… well… sigh.

I just answered my own thoughts… these men don’t see a ring. To them I am a hardworking pregnant lady, with horny hormones, and “obviously” not taken. *roll eyes*

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