Day 26: Baby Room

That’s an expense. I am glad my dad said “your grandpa got your baby room, so I will sponsor my grandchild’s”. It’s sad though, cause for the price we pay it’s just another use and throw item – rather than heritage-goods that can be passed on.

When I was born my paternal grandfather sent a handcrafted crib and almirah to start my journey off as a baby. It came all the way from Burdwan to Calcutta. Real mahogany and central-Bengal craftsmanship. Those things are rare. I asked my mother where it was now and she said she gave it away to my nanny, as her daughter was having a baby when I turned 5. For the first time I asked her – “was it too hard to hoard unique pieces instead of plastic-crap you bought from Kolkata New Market”?

So now we both are pissed off and not talking to eachother. Perks of being Aries – we just say it as it truly is, even if the truth burns you inside out.

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