Day 25: Broomsticks

We know the Gender. First they said it’s an Orange and then today as we had the second opinion… they said it’s a Red! The other doctor cracked a joke on the lines of “if that is an Orange then I will eat a broomstick”!

Naturally, Dan-the-Man overheard the conversation between the Baby Daddy and I… And went “burn the witch”! Then I thought – I grew up reading Harry Potter and Thakumar Jhuli… especially the later (“Thakumar Jhuli” transliteration meaning “Grandma’s Bag” of tales): “Across the seven seas lies the treasure of seven kingdoms!” or as I heard it, “সাত সমুদ্র পেরিয়ে সাত রাজ্যের দেশে, এক যে ছিল রাজা…” and the good fairies and bad fairies – the boons and curses… all those stories. Sorry but not burning the witch. The witch is welcome to live amongst us Muggles.

Tagore had once said, “Bengal has fought so many wars, so many empires have changed hands but the love for folktales remain deeply-rooted into the soul of the youngsters, only because there is profound association between folktales and motherly affection. This very warmth, the fondness, unceasingly took care of great kings to the most docile farmers. From this fantastic affinity, the passion for folktales grows everyday.”

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