Day 21: How did she react?

One of the things that made me adore my doggue-baby even more is that she knew I was pregnant way before we did.

She kept staring at me with bright inquisitive eyes, head tilted, from far. Then she’d come to me, sniffing my leg until I’d pick her up … and then she licked my nose. Since then she refuses to leave my side. No one can take her away from me. Not 10 meters away from home if I am not there with her. Not even to do her business!

Poochie became super protective from the moment I got back from Vienna. And her joy to see me when I get back home after work, went atleast 100 notch higher! Every-time I cuddle her she remains super still unlike before when she’d wriggle… I keep reading female dogs are more susceptive to pregnancy of women, but experiencing this sensitivity firsthand, is a heartwarming feeling.

Truly, we don’t deserve dogs.

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