Day 20: For Crying Out Loud!

Non-mask wearers and anti-Vaxxers are like MRA’s complaining about how mean life, feminists, government, everyone is… world is just so mean to them. I get it, as a woman of colour I feel the same. And as many people point out – “you are blaming it on race and gender, which can’t be true”! So there, I feel you when you say – “I have a right to breathe”. Yes you do! Masks don’t stop you from breathing but yes – breathe please. “I have a medical condition”. Of course you do! Carry your doctors certificate with you and explain it to anyone who demands otherwise and show them the certificate. It can be annoying I know but – these are trying times. So many reasons and then so many wear a mask showing off nostrils that aren’t covered!

I remembered a conversation I had in Paris (in 2012) about Koreans wearing masks. I thought it was fascinatingly responsible, while others thought it absurd. If you have fever or feel feverish – ‘cause flu, you know – by wearing a mask you’re preventing a spread. If you are travelling, by wearing a mask you are also protecting yourself from airborne diseases not as severely spread in your home country. It’s a responsible citizen who not only thinks of protecting themselves but others too. But who am I to say so… right?

Perhaps why I also get mildly annoyed by anti-vaxxers. But it’s their choice, so one has to respect. Yet as I travel to work everyday, while pregnant, I can’t stop worrying when I read “Seven doctors contract Covid after attending anti-vaccine summit” somewhere in the US, or realise that an anti-vaxxer might be seated in the train right next to me… being therefore a super-spreader next to a pregnant woman. Of course, to be “forced to take the vaccine is an infringement on their liberal rights” – but irresponsibly forcing COVID on others by not taking vaccines is perhaps meddling with others liberal rights as well?

Something to think about.

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