Day 19: A Thought

Sometimes I am so jealous of those who live 10mins from their job place! I mean, if work starts at 8:30, all they have to do is wake up (at max) 40mins before work and be there on time. Not like the commuters. If work starts at 8:30, depending on the distance and connections, we wake up at 6:00 or even earlier. Perhaps why these days anything above 50mins door to door travel for work is frowned upon.

Then I realise how privileged I am. Cause there are cities where going from one end of the city to the other takes 3 hours (thank you traffic) – and people do that everyday! By car or by public transport. Perhaps why I didn’t flinch a second when I had to travel from Olten to Geneva Vernier everyday for 4 months almost!

But these are different times we are living in and my situation is different. Firstly, I literally wobble and not walk! Then, COVID and self-distancing means train seats for four are usually taken by two. Also, my intolerance towards reverse travel means I need a seat facing direction of travel, and most people already occupy that! Sigh.

A thought I must act upon this year: I desperately need to update my driving license!

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