Day 18: Blood Test

When you are pregnant, the number of tests that the clinic makes you go through – to be honest, it is a nuisance. Yet, better safe than sorry I guess?

This morning I had the „bloodsugar“ test. Reason? From 10kilos underweight I went 6kilos overweight. From what I understand, women get about 15kilos overweight by the end of pregnancy – then why!? I kept explaining that a) I didn’t have morning sickness in my first trimester, instead I was hungry all the time, and b) it can’t be bad cause I walk 30mins everyday (spare weekends when I’m just not wanting to get out of bed) and eat healthy (ok December was the month to eat a feast every week almost)! But who listens?

Anyway. The whole frustration about weightgain-miscommunication apart… My midwife forgot to tell me that I just can’t eat from 10pm onwards for the bloodsugar test this morning. Instead she said „no dinner and not even water in the morning“! So I was starving all evening and almost fainted with dehydration this morning!

And to top it all, my tram was 15mins late! I was sure I would lose my temper at someone or start crying. That’s when it occurred to me that the best thing to do for my sanity is to just call the Baby-daddy. Cause he knows how to calm me down. And so he did. If a year ago someone would tell me that I’d be in a relationship with someone who can calm my anxieties just by talking over the phone – I’d call it bull!

I guess sometimes things just fall in place. We just need to give it time and patience. And some sweat and blood too.

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