Day 13: Monocle-Cane

Wobbling apart, this is the biggest I’ve been around my waist. And in the evening it gets even bigger, believe me when I say – it can be scary when you wake up in the morning and your belly looks significantly smaller than when you went to bed. Of course there are plenty of facts behind why pregnancy bump is smaller in the morning – two of the most logical ones, that I believe, are: bloated or baby changed position. But I’m still big! And I’m still in my second trimester. I’m big! So much so that I couldn’t zip my winter jacket yesterday. That sent me right into… eccentricity!

Me: I want a cane.

Dan-the-man: A what?!?!

Me: A cane! A fancy cane!

Dan-the-man: A cane?!

Me: Like the one Vash has. Maybe monocle and a cylinder even! If I have to wobble I want to wobble in style.

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