Last Day 2021: The Love Diary

As the sun rises on the last day of 2021, and I am seated in the train on my way to work – I feel gratitude.

This year was a roller coaster ride. From narcissistic toxic boyfriend and his bestfriend situation to a heartbreaking breakup (mind you, just because you realised that someone is narcissistic or toxic for you doesn’t mean you can’t still be in pain from going away from them), to getting both my vaccinations and consequently high fever, major health issues, losing confidence in my work due to (oh so many reasons but that’s for another time), thankless commitments with self-centred “friends” – to finding my end-game, getting pregnant, realising how lucky I am to have friends who truly love and enjoy my company, having stood in local elections for the first time, to starting a new job the day after ending my previous contract and having new work colleagues who are supportive and organised, to being welcome into my new family with open arms, delicious food and warm hugs! This year was really a ride and it showed me that remaining positive yet critical even through tough situations will always have an unexpectedly great outcome.

So as I end this year, I want to share something that many have asked me: What was your reaction as you heard your child’s heartbeat for the first time? Well…. Overwhelming. I was in tears. We both were in tears. I’ve heard that it’s the moment when most men decide if they want to become a dad or not. For him it was obvious. I can only say – our bond grew stronger since that day as we decided that we do this together.

There’s a Bengali saying: সব ভাল তার শেষ ভাল যার ||(English equivalent being: Alls well that ends well). So for me, as I look back on 2021 from where I stand… this was a really good year. And I wish everyone – Einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! Bonne glisse sur erëz année!

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