Metanoeite! The Love Diary

*Best wishes,


Bandyopadhyay v/o Phānomen*

When we write an email within our AV Orion community “Metanoeite!” is our standard sign off.

When you search the word, two things come up (apart from Orion Instagram):

1. “Greek word metanoeo to refer to repentance. Metanoeo means a change of mind, thought, or thinking so powerful that it changes one’s very way of life.”

2. “n. 1. remorse or contrition for one’s past actions or sins. 2. an act or the process of being repentant; penitence.”

The transformative change of heart towards a spiritual conversation is what signing off with “Metanoeite!” truly means. It is not just a Christian value, it is as much a Hindu (Karma as an act of doing), Hellenistic Judaism (Philo), and Pagan (Caerus) value. This aspect of my student association has always been dear to me – constant “reformation” and personal/spiritual development. It speaks not only of love and tolerance towards others despite their flaws but also towards self.

“Metanoeite!” to me is a deep thought, not just embedded within friendship and virtue – but a true student would invest in understanding it’s meaning, the knowledge it presents, the questions it raises.

Something to think about…don’t you think?

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