Leadership: The Love Diary

Here’s a thought (for the week) that I strongly go by. I believe one should be a reflection of what they’d like to receive. I prize love, honesty and loyalty above all else – and hence I give to others what I want to receive. If you want to be taken seriously, learn to take others seriously too. If you want respect, learn to give respect to others as well. What you give will always come back. And if it doesn’t then you have nothing to lose, rather you have located the weakest link/the problem! I often see that people in leadership positions don’t realise this fundamental karmatic philosophy.

These days everyone focuses on achieving. Achieving titles, degrees, fame… quantity of what goes on CV. But no one thinks of investing in quality and time. For example: I see many claiming to be motivated to lead. But the question is not about their personal motivation – it is about how they can motivate others. Being a leader is not solely about having a title to put on your CV, or having a crown to show off – it is about understanding the responsibility to bring out the best in others. Not to negate them but to uphold and inspire. Even when they are being particularly difficult, how you manoeuvre is what sets you apart. One doesn’t need to be perfect to inspire others – one has to be calm, compassionate and understanding.

A leader has a special understanding of people, and despite many flaws the goal is to try to nurture future leadership at its own pace. Understanding that a person who is evidently appreciated will do much more. Understanding that the one who is continuously putting in effort and remains under appreciated will eventually stop caring. Under-appreciation is the toxicity that ends organisations. That is lack of leadership.

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