Craft & Pet Cow: The Love Diary

Some people wonder what I do in life apart from work as a Graphic Designer and study Anthropology. Often I encounter those who think my life is limited or rather enslaved by a routine – work, study, socialise, eat, sleep, work, study, socialise… a routine. No. My life is not limited to that. That’s why perhaps I don’t have the need for small minded politics. Perhaps why I see the bigger picture objectively at often great personal cost.

You see, we live in a growing technology-run and industrialised world, people are increasingly forgetting to be humane – flaws are considered ridicule worthy, neurodivergence is considered as inability – often there are ableist who are neurodivergent themselves (reminds me a bit of Adolf when I think of their condition-action-reaction). And crazy enough, those who study social sciences and arts are mostly considered as idiots – “wood-headed”. I remember when my parents wanted me to study law, I could have – but I didn’t think for once that is the life that would make me happy. I am the creative kind – I am that rebel who even rebels against rebellion if need be! That’s me. I observe and form informed opinions and often I prefer being straight forward than a complex jumble that links a lot to hypocrisy. In other words – I’m a creative.

What I have noticed is this, today artisans are moving to alternative income generation methods, like daily wage labour and art is losing its grip. In Switzerland (much like India) each canton and region has its special art and craft. Preserving the skills and transmitting the knowledge of traditional crafts is a growing challenge. From what I see and experience when I am either at Buttes (NE) or in Gonten (AI) regional art forms should be revived and awareness must be spread about them in urban space.

So, my happy space this weekend was in Gonten. I spent my Saturday afternoon painting the crafted replica of Gallus’ Farmhouse to be fixed on his Chlausehube, for Silvestechlause procession. Yes, that is what I do on weekends or spare time. Art and craft. In return, I might just convince him to give me a calf, yes – might get a pet cow and I am thrilled about it!

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