Box full of bags: The Love Diary

“I forgive those who hurt me in the past and peacefully detach from them.”

That has been one of my major affirmations for a while now. It allowed me to remain objective while facing random acts of symbolic violence from those I believed to be trust worthy. It’s an affirmation that helps one move past toxic people and their manipulative influences. It’s also an affirmation that helps past the aspect of love-lost and heartbreaks. The practice of forgiving and detaching is no easy feat. It means you will cross paths with those who hurt you, and yet not lose yourself in the pain caused by them in the past – you automatically weigh your good deeds against their selfish ones and wonder “why? I did so much and yet…?” – and yet, you come out stronger as you peacefully detach (of detachment or full emotional reinvestment) as perhaps you are the only one who saw their true face and others are yet to discover. And perhaps still love them for the idol that you created, trusted, protected – they are where they are for your constant encouragement and support. Yet you know it’s best for you to detach – for the sake of peace. Your own and that of others. So you forgive. So you detach. As everyone comes with baggages and opinions – it’s a part of being an adult. Some of their baggages are oozing green toxic fluid, smoking angrily as it bubbles and bursts – affecting their immediate surroundings. You touch that and you are poisoned.

Dan-the-man: It’s a box full of bags.

Me: Baggy box. A very baggy box.

Dan-the-man: Yeah! Every adult has one. Or a drawer.

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