Complaints: The Love Diary

So I had an official complaint from my boyfriend about my blog. “It’s been 4 days, where’s the new stuff? You’re not writing regularly!” I think at that moment my heart melted and I wanted to run down to Fribourg and hug him!

If only all the complaints about my blog were in that direction rather than “what is she trying to prove with it?” – life would be so much easier! Well, what am I trying to prove with it? Nothing. Really. Nothing. Blogs aren’t written by authors to prove anything. Rather it’s a constant outlet of creative writing. My blog is the place where I retain my ability to be emotional, to be vocal, to be observant, – without those aspects I am just a robot. And I refuse to be a robot.

Come to think of it… In some nations writers are silenced for speaking their minds. In others, acquaintances police what the writer is saying to show them down. I wonder which one is better than the other? Should my writing people please? Am I to change myself and my voice to accommodate small minded individuals? No can do! I have realised one thing…. People pleasing is not my cup of tea – I am no “ass licker”. If you get kindness and affection from me it is an honest and genuine thing. Otherwise I have no energy to spend buttering someone up for there is no gain in there. It stunts personal growth rather. Just a horrible waste of time. So for all my female acquaintances who loves to run their mouth – why don’t you write? Express your opinions in your blog? Do something constructive in your free time? I will for sure encourage your vocal concerns in creative form.

On that note, I’m going to end todays blog with this quote from Arundhati Roy “I get so annoyed when I hear “cool” young women say ‘I’m not a feminist.’ I mean, do they know what battles were fought? Every freedom we have today, we have because of feminists.

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