Random thought on diplomacy: The Love Diary

Throughout my childhood I’ve loved and learnt one thing about diplomacy: respect. How does that work? As a diplomatic contact in a country (or space of dialogue as a representation of a corp) – one must remember to embody restraint, integrity, dignity, and professionalism.

Delegates and diplomats fall under an obligation to refrain from causing animosity in a volatile situation. This isn’t restricting debate but the debate is to remain internal and not accusative. That’s when one aggravates situation. I wish more of us learnt about this aspect as it is a very important part of negotiation. To know when to give in/give up, or pursue like a Pit Bull on a bone! It’s a delicate balance and reading your audience is the key aspect in this case.

Cause like it or not, no matter how valid your argument might be, the manner in which you violate restraint, integrity, dignity, and professionalism – gives rise to further more dispute than resolving a matter at hand.

Random thought: Knowing how to manoeuvre diplomatically (not manipulatively) with your partner can also help in your relationship.

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