Monday thoughts: The Love Diary

This was a good weekend. I usually spend my weekends with my boyfriend, or with my family – and/or – close/best friends (biking through backcountry, picnicking, movies, lazing around, hiking/long walks with heavy discussions, music festivals, long drives, and plain old bonding).

This weekend I was at my boyfriend’s and we didn’t stay cocooned in his room but we actively partied – with those close to us. It is funny how much fun I can have even without drinking – and I am beginning to think the haze of drunkenness is truly for the introvert in me to open up and talk to all. But I didn’t need that anymore. I just talked, danced, and observed. Observing is so much fun. You take in so much behavioural information of people around, especially when they are drunk. The pure and unfiltered self of individuals just openly presented. It is something to marvel at.

Perhaps why I am even more confident to say – I absolutely adore those I (have the luck to) call my friends.

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