Avoidance: The Love Diary

It’s a slippery slope. Yet so many of us are prone to it. What is avoidance? Well, text book definition is “the practice or an instance of keeping away from particular situations, environments, individuals, or things because of either (a) the anticipated negative consequence of such an encounter or (b) anxious or painful feelings associated with them.

Now how does that manifest? Whatever your fear may be – in moments of discussion, if you avoid conflict, in a relationship dynamic, your partner might try to get you to respond by pursuing and pushing you more. You get annoyed and instead of confronting the situation your response is to distance yourself. Instead of listening, understanding and giving a balanced solution – you could end up becoming even more distant. This sets up an unhealthy relationship dynamic. The more you withdraw, the more your partner chases. And eventually, the chase subsides and cheating begins.

Avoidance is the one thing to avoid when in a relationship. Confront every issue head on. Bring solutions to the table. And abide by those solutions.

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