Ethnofiction: The Love Diary

Most people try to understand my style of writing. What is this blog truly about? What are those poems truly saying? Those books I wrote – what is it even? How can it be described as a genre? Mostly trying to figure out if my kind of “thick descriptions and conversational narratives” are to be considered personal attacks or actual art, in the form of storytelling with even first-person autobiographical accounts?

Of course I am not using camera to narrate my visual accounts, that also needs a certain acceptance as a natural partner by the actors who play their roles in the stories narrated, and there is no tribal dancing that I am recording either. Only photos here, in “Anthropology Of Love”, are of me, or of popular TikTok content creators, or simply emoji-ed over!

However, I do look into herd mentality in functional society – which has a certain substantiation-magico-religious aspect towards understanding repetitive actions by individuals in forms of ethnographic practices. Making even our very Swiss way of living and acting – a sort of tribalism. Especially how people act in relationships/or out of relationships, – be it hierarchical, friendship, parenthood, or romantic (out of many other dynamics). This is what I observe and this is what I present in my dark-humour sort of semi-autobiographical and mostly adequate to be refer as experimental written documentaries – hence, ethnofiction. Where, the main goal revolves around improvisations of my own, and others’ lived experiences – on a given topic. A guided thematic storyline.

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