Saturday Morning Life: The Love Diary

Me: Wake up sunshine!

Dan-the-man: why you hate mee (grumbling as he turned)

Me: “It’s a new World, it’s a new start

It’s alive, with the beating of Young hearts”

Dan-the-man: why you waaake mee?

Me: I have to do campaign duty in the city with Monty and I suck at self-propaganda, so wake up and have a coffee with me.

Dan-the-man: Aren’t you meeting Megha today?

Me: Yes, I will go directly from campaigning to trainstation and from Fribourg he picks me up and we drive to meet her and her husband. He was mean last evening, he better be carrying loads of hugs and kisses.

Dan-the-man: Hope he doesn’t crumble under what he has to carry.

Me: Hey! Me not that heavy!

Dan-the-man: Let’s see how many of my ladies have written.

Me: Ladies? How many do you have?

Dan-the-man: Two and one non-binary!

Me: What?

Dan-the-man: Didn’t I show you the Possum?

Me: Oh yeah! That’s the good one. Tinder possum is awesome!


And so two besties woke up to golden autumn sunshine – a bit Grace and Frankie-ing without the husband and husband sitch. Come to think of it, your best friends are those who know you inside out, have your back even through thankless moments. They are there. Sometimes without them even knowing that you have their back too, and that both of you are present when you need eachother the most. I have hand counted 5 of these awesome people in my life (three in CH, one in IN, and one in the US) and I am lucky that we have eachother without questioning – through thick and thin. And one thing that all my bestfriends know about me is this – I Hate Pasta. The texture is just not right!


Dan-the-man: There’s no quid-pro-quo, it did not happen. The bestest, I am most President ever…

Me: Oh shut up Dan!

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