If it was meant to be

Sometimes I wonder why

so much energy is spent

to cause misery after you decide

to dump someone?

Sometimes I wonder why

after choosing to break

one’s heart there’s still

unresolved issues day after day,

night after night?

You pretend to be

“in such a good place”

and yet took up

to social media to stalk!

You say you are better,

yet lack integrity

to open the door and just walk.

They don’t want their things back,

so please treat that apartment

like a yard sale —

‘cause sugar, your ex

will hand over anything affordable

at this point to get you out and away.

You cry everytime

you see this person

you discarded miserably,

and even though you know

that their family despises you,

you barge in knowingly!

It is hard to accept someone

moving on faster

than you thought they could,

but use it as a self reflection

and perhaps take some time

to reinvent yourself?

Isn’t it clear dear,

that you need to move on?

So when I hear your sad story,

believe me I am touched.

Yet I can’t put it better than this,

“if it was meant to be

it simply would be”.

So get on with life,

live and let live.

Play some golf,

go round in ferris wheel!

And for this advice?

Keep the change,

you are welcome very much!

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