Basel: The Love Diary

I never thought that I would be able to go to Basel anytime sooner than a year. Yet here I was, second time this week, and I didn’t have any issues of spatial remembrance. As a matter of fact orientation in space was completely independent of incidences dating back to my ex or my breakup. Perhaps the main reason is that I know I am loved, I feel secure as my boyfriend shows his affection towards me unabashedly, and the bond between us has cured both of us from any chronic stress and dysregulation of the stress response that could be associated with our individual previous breakups, that can lead to mood disorders, including depression. We both moved forward, – and we both are aware of our needs and wants, and we both are there to work towards our common goals – having grit. Having grit is what relationships are about.

So as I walked with Chreggles, all I remembered was how much fun I have with my friends in Basel. I remembered the day I graduated my MDes with a 5.6 average and danced around happy like a lil’puppy, marriage of Nikki and Qiqi (and now that they have a little angel to complete their duo…as they become a trio), my 30th birthday drinks at Les Trois Rois, Fasnacht with my pretty boys (Die Unentschlossene), that horrible winter when temperature in Basel went down to -15•C, my admission to Basel Uni, “courage prüfung” with Duro and Principia, and so much more.

My familiarity with this city has reached the point where “shit happened”, and it’s just “shit” that doesn’t need any further energy or latching onto than that, is something I can say with a genuine smile and zero hurt.

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