Gabfest: The Love Diary



Dan-the-Man: it’s winter! Wait no it’s autumn. But it’s soon winter! Btw… She didn’t get the movie.

Me: But the movie isn’t complicated, if you’ve read the book you get it.

Dan-the-Man: Did you just listen to yourself?

Me: What? If you’ve read the book…. Ohhhhhh! I just heard myself.


Living near a forest on a calm, overcast day, thickly laid with fog – and trees showing its crimson and auburn foliage, always seemed to have a soothing effect on me. One can usually see the trail along which I walk with Poochie, but fog has covered it fully. It’s also quite cold – almost an ambiance of Christmas.

There’s a song stuck in my head. EJ’s new take on Sacrifice, with Dua Lipa: “Cold, cold heart, hardened by you, some things look better, baby… Just passin’ through.” And I think it’s gonna be a long long time till people realise again… actions and reactions speak louder than words when it comes to character and sanity. This foggy morning my action was to make sure I am grateful for all I have. And, my reaction is this – I am so looking forward to meet V for a gabfest, long overdue, along with after-work drinks! You know that T-shirt that says my therapist knows all about you? Yeah.

Waking up was hard this morning. Past few days we’ve been falling asleep quite late. So my coffee intake though gets regulated when I am around Monsieur, when alone – it’s a bit too much. Must keep track of that. All in all, looking forward to next weekend. It’s not cause it’s Tuesday, but rather cause I’ll spend my weekend with my favourite human.

Now off to work.


Update: Gabfest got postponed. But lunch with Barwitzki happened.

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