Got happily Barwitzki-ed: The Love Diary

“Debby, I haven’t seen you in ages.

And I mean that kind of ADHD-Quantum-Realm-Multiverse-ages that can spend between “sad kid waiting in the car until mommy returns (she never does but is shot of screen)” and “Rise and fall of galaxies with weird special effects (with a less known piece of Mahler in the background)” depending if Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorseese directed the day dream scene to introduce the protagonist.
To be fair, in my case it might probably be Pamela Fryman pretending to be Christopher Nolan but I am fine with the idea of Michael Caine playing a younger version of me.

Sorry, got distracted.
Pumpkin Spiced Insanity today? We got PS-Cake in the fridge.”

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