Psycho Ex: The Love Diary

Psycho ex GF/BF? Who broke up with you? Block them, ignore them. When they have a problem and text you, call you cause they are incapable of dealing with their own shit – whether or not you make them your own problem is up to you. And this was the most precious advice I received when I got dumped by my ex.

My ex was a psycho – I even got stalked on social media by him and his ex/current-GF (equally a psycho). But to think that I will come across my Appenzellers’ ex, who actively looked me up on Instagram and actively blocked me (which I only got to realise as my man wanted me to see a cute doggue that belongs to her – and you know how much unbiased I am when it comes to them puppers – and he realised that her IG account couldn’t be seen from mine but from everyone else’s)! Le Sigh!

You know your ex GF/BF is crazy when they contact you constantly even after the break up. If you are the kind to cut off …. This person bombards your email/text/phone and social media with a million attempts to reach out – cause something or other isn’t working and oh! It’s your fault but you must come running over to solve the issue! They do everything they can to contact you, even through your friends, if possible! And particularly if they know you have moved on – the sudden interest! They will do anything to keep themselves on your radar, cause they are genuinely narcissistically afraid that you’re really forgetting them, and they want you to keep them in your mind constantly. The worst is the sneakiness. They will show that they are fine with you moving on, but then track you down wherever and whenever, and will do so discreetly – to the point blocking your present partner on every relevant social media as possible!

Let’s put it this way – we both are full of gratitude that we found eachother. And our exes are ex! And perhaps they both can bump into eachother and live a consensual mutually sadistic toxic life till the end of time.


Note: Don’t threaten me, stalk me, or meddle with my creative liberty while your identity remains lawfully protected.

2 thoughts on “Psycho Ex: The Love Diary

  1. That’s funny ! Reminds me of my bf’s ex , she was pain she used to send toxic sms to him to get some help after break up as if he owes her something. I advised him to completely block her , her parents ( as she was also using her parents account to send him ugly messages) and just completely cut-off. Is a lot easier to stay away .

    Btw what is hurting you more that she /he blocked you? Or they are stalking you?


    1. Ah! Ex’s. What can we say?

      Actually none of it is hurting, rather it is amazing me. A person I didn’t give two cents of thoughts before my BF wanted me to see doggue photos. On their account of course (yes we are that comfortable with talking about and sharing every bit of silliness with eachother without having trust or jealousy issues), that’s when we realised that the said person/s actually went out of the way to stalk me and block me. And then have a friend stalk me further. I am amazed. Where do they get so much energy? So much enthusiasm to dilly-dally their time? There’s nothing constructive that comes out of obsessing over your ex or their new BF/GF when the choice to dump him/her was yours… ain’t it? If I had a singular piece of advice it would be this – beer-yoga and get over it.


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