Day 2: Everything is new – The Love Diary

Everything feels new. The air smells fresh and drinks taste sweet. I am bouncing between exhilaration and euphoria. Despite having a long weekend at the Zentralfest, instead of feeling tired, I feel increased energy! Sleepless nights too get remedied as soon as I see him again, loss of appetite, a racing heart, accelerated breathing, trembling, all of the whole package. Even chirping of birds sounded particularly sweet this morning.

Being giddy is a lovely feeling that 118 days ago I thought would never happen to me again. I guess I just needed the right man to walk into my life. I am also beginning to see how much we truly miss being children and teenagers while running around being adults. We all have learnt to be responsible, and independent for our own good, but in the process we have overlooked joy and sincerity. We complain continuously but never look back to relax and enjoy the tiny moments that pass us by. With the right person that isn’t an issue. With the right person everything falls in the right place.

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