Day 75: PSL and Other Things – The Single Woman’s Diary

First PSL of the season with Barwitzki! I ate it, not drink it! That amount of cream is just sinful! Forgot how boated it gets me. Feels like a 3-day meal in 1. I’ll try to walk it off today, but walking alone can’t help! I mean, I imagine a bunch of pumpkins partying and then the one wearing a spicy aroma gets picked up to be the star of Starbucks! And now it’s partying inside my stomach. Positively making me gassy.

I was genuinely less attentive today. It’s hard to focus somehow, the amount of yellows I have been looking at since morning! Giving me a perpetual colour blindness! Branding can be hard but branding without any client-feedback can be like fishing into the dark. Thus the PSL was a much needed “food supplement” to uplift my mood.

So Barwitzki and I talked – about his a-gf-n-gf, and my a-bf-n-bf. We had a laugh about how my guy has already put a chain around my ankle ‘cause anklets. Le Sigh! “Next thing you know he’s chaining you to the kitchen!” And I replied – “perhaps he wants me to break the kitchen so we can remodel?

The question meandered to what I see as a romantic proposal for wedding? Donno how we got there but we got there. So I had to laugh, when I realised that the assumption was leaning more towards the boisterous extravaganza rather than the actual private emotional and timid person I am. Ah! The grand question and all assumptions that go with it when people see the extrovert in me without knowing the introvert!

Well, for me it’s the moment. It really is the moment – it has to be when he is feeling connected, when we both are feeling connected. I don’t want a huge stadium with bizillion roses, and some superficial anthem – no! But I do want the right ring. Which isn’t a diamond ring. Cookie Barwitzki asked – “how will he know? Are you showing him any?” The thought of “monkey training” came to my mind, but I told him – “he’ll know. If he knows me well, he’ll know.” Poker-face happy Cookie happily trotted off to see a client. Sometimes it’s hard to read his mind. But Cookie is a fun unicorn!

This morning saw a film-shoot being done at Zurich HB, and then security overload near my work – cause some celebrity? Some film-shooting? I donno! At the Synagogue opposite to work? It was weird. They blocked the whole area, so no car could pass. Fascinatingly weird. Cause we are not used to seeing burly private security all over the place, or cops with guns – as we are a country where our President bicycles to work without security running around him. We don’t run around celebrities as we are big on “live and let live” unless someone makes it obvious! Too obvious!!!

Autumn is here. Haven’t gotten around to send my multilingual manuscript to my publisher Kolikata Letterpress yet. I like working with them as they are open to experimental way of writing – and who better to experiment with ethnofiction than a nerdy bunch of literary geniuses?

I want a new tattoo! Asking Cyril for his contacts. Always wanted a sleeve done… now I’m closer to it than ever. This is exciting.

P.s. In case it isn’t clear, I am still single.

2 thoughts on “Day 75: PSL and Other Things – The Single Woman’s Diary

  1. I haven’t had any Starbucks in months!
    But I’m definitely craving it now…

    “At the Synagogue opposite to work? It was weird. They blocked the whole area, so no car could pass. Fascinatingly weird”

    It’s Rosh Hashanah. The synagogue security etc is most likely heightened due to that.
    Synagogues have (unfortunately) been needing this kind of security…

    I 100 % agree with you about connection btw. That’s the most important thing when it comes to these things.

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