Day 74: Tough Day – The Single Woman’s Diary

Can’t even begin to say how tough today truly was. I have a perpetual headache from solving issues, and still so much more to do before the Zentralfest.

Now, one might wonder what is the difference between a tough day and a rough day. Let me put it this way, today was full of obstacles, things that made me feel upset – and all I did was problem solving. And so much more is yet to be done. So, a tough day. Rough day would be having a “up and down” kinda day, so somehow at the end the day balances itself. That didn’t happen today. Or so I believe, as I am generally annoyed by today and am yet to relax.

I reckon, it is safe to say that tough and rough days can make someone feel exhausted as these sort of days have a singular outcome: of being emotionally taxing! To the point I had to cancel meeting JL, which broke my heart!

How does one face such days when we know that our emotions are overriding our rational? I reach out. I text my friends. Social connection is really good for taking your mind off from spiralling into a rabbit hole! It really helps maintain perspective!

So here it is. A positive perspective for mental health Monday. At the end of a tough emotionally-taxing day, I have 3 things to thank for –

1. Waking up to a smiling loving face.

2. Being able to sort out issues.

3. Have a to-do list for tomorrow.

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