Day 73: Nostalgia: The Single Woman’s Diary

High school love is strange.

I am in bed listing to “Parekh & Singh”, with a-bf-n-bf, and all I can be (apart from being happy) is slightly nostalgic as I remember J’vr and T. How I was sure they would be together forever! Sixteen years since High School, we all have come far, achieved much, experienced a lot, and most of us have lost touch. High School love was special, many would argue that it’s childish and hormonal. I beg to differ cause I believe it was pure. Much like Songs of Innocence.

Perhaps that’s my thought for today, after spending an entire weekend with someone who is particularly close to my heart… wouldn’t it be something if we never went for “something more, something new” but stick to our love, our present, and work on it since the very first time together?

I can’t stop wondering – what happened? Why couldn’t everyone stay in their cocoon of love and just grow old together? Why didn’t we fight to get our first crush? Why didn’t we think distance isn’t a factor when in love? Why was waiting for someone considered madness?

Still being with our first love… wouldn’t that be something? “Wouldn’t that be something good”?

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