Day 69: uuuuuu… 69! The Single Woman’s Diary

Ok. I can’t play cards. And on this I am ashamed. Jass is a trick taking, Ace-Ten card game played in Switzerland – and I can’t play it to save my life. I am miserable at understanding cards. I just don’t get it. Or I never had a person who could correctly explain it to me.

Also… in honour of the number 69th day – push-up bras! There has to be an anthology about that stuff. I need to get my game up with them as my two ladies are invisible when I’m in functional clothing. V couldn’t stop laughing yesterday. Now there’s a new running-gag between us girls about “what? Where? Dee has D?” And we laughed for 10 mins like we were high on crack! Aries energy. We just giggle when together.

Yep. It’s decided. I need to wear tight clothes or push-ups with functional clothes. Cause right now only a naked Dee can convince that she has breasts! Also, must learn Jass!

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