Day 66: Brewistotle – The Single Woman’s Diary

As Barwitzki puts it – I need to have one pumpkin “spiced” whiteness a year as kind of “inner bitch purge day”. The basic white bitch soul in this brown woman’s body had cringed! Just one is not enough! I need more than one pumpkin “spiced” whiteness a year and I will queue at Starbucks to get the first! Pull some fists and bare my teeth to display strength and get them other girls out of the way! Which actually might happen between many beers, depending on situation. If the beer happens the night before and the beer happens the evening after… then between many many beers for sure stands one glorious pumpkin “spiced” whiteness for a brown woman’s soul!

Everything happens or happened between two beers” – Brewistotle, the first Bhilosopher(copyright)

I am officially a sucker for coffee and chocolate croissants. My almost bf but not bf (a-bf-n-bf), went out getting me some coffee and croissants this morning cause I cannot – I repeat – CANNOT – function without coffee. Now while he peacefully reads his NZZ, I am oscillating between gibberish about beer and coffee. But you know me – sarcasm, irony, experience, innocence, and ADHD came together to poop a pink fluffy “Anthropology of Love”!

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