Day 64: Hitler’s moustache – The Single Woman’s Diary

I have always noted as a coloured Swiss that discreet yet strategic discrimination against me came from Germans. Not Swiss, but Germans. I have always pointed out that it is a matter of self-proclaimed subconscious “rights”. To a white German man, Switzerland is “rightfully” his; even though a German in Switzerland will barely speak Swiss German, but expect every Swiss to speak high German, calling us peasants if we use our local dialect. Refuses to learn French and hates French speaking Swiss; and any other language as a matter of fact. Then when a Swiss points out that this is not Germany, but a country of many dialects and four National languages – we are often met with boisterous display of “Nein. Hochdeutsch lernen.”

Hitler’s moustache might have gone out of fashion but some wish they could time-travel back to 1930s.

#NotAllGermans but most of them. Especially if they didn’t see the glorious days due to communistic bubble in the Eastern part of German-land!

They crumble under pressure, big on talk but small on work, generates more cost than gain, want to be the boss but no emotional intelligence to lead, take credit for others hardwork, conspire constantly against the strongest candidate they feel threatened against (on this I feel flattered), complains constantly, hides their incompetence behind layers and layers of ass-kissing. Most (not all) Germans outside of Germany are like those loud Americans we all frown upon – all show no dough!

Unfortunately I have two of them lingering around me. Fortunately not for too long.

Time to look for a new job.

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