Day 63: Adriennnnnn – The Single Woman’s Diary

Dan-the-Man: Your family’s got those German villains in Hollywood movies jaw.

Me: Yeaaahhhhhhhhh! Like, obviously?

Dan-the-man: You got those brick jaws. You’re making Dolph Lundgren blush!

Me: Yes. I do have that jaw, even that head, don’t I?

Dan-the-man: Maybe that’s why the Germans feel intimidated by you and go on self preservation mode – they smell danger! They smell the gene. *makes crazy eyes and looks at me with comical fear*

Me: Le Sigh!

Dan-the-Man: You remember the girlfriend of Rocky when he is beaten?

Me: Adriennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! Hmmm… He does sound like a bull-in-heat.


So children, that’s how random a conversation between two ADHDers can go.

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