Day 61: Hilsa, Apfelstrudel, Fondue – The Single Woman’s Diary

I am always told intercultural relationships are hard. And I keep saying – it’s a matter of attitude. In sociology we see the term cultural similarities pop up all the time. Social anthropology students are usually aware about cultural comparisons, to note down common characteristics in-order-to analyse that what is seen as similarity and/or differences amongst two or more cultures with regards to one or many common practice/s. Which needs a lot of empathy to process, but also needs objectivity to understand fully. Hence, in the relationship between cultures, each culture has its similarities and differences. The similarity aspect exists in concrete form, as much as in its abstract form. But to note these, one has to have a deep understanding of two cultures they are trying to compare – or in my case, date!

Well, I’m not dating two cultures (unless I’m dating myself – in that case Swiss and Bengali) – but the cumulative energy of an exclusively dating couple with SwissGerman (Appenzell) and SwissFrench (Val-de-Travers) / Bengali (Burdwan) cultural traits, definitely can cause stress amongst those who are unaware of cultural similarities and nuances. I’m still in my learning process. So I can only imagine how hard it can be for anyone who doesn’t understand anthropology!

Culture is like food. Absinthe and fondue to a person from Val-de-Travers is as holy as poppyseed paste and mustard-steamed-Hilsa for a person from Burdwan!

That said, I am excited that I’ll learn to cook Apfelstrudel soon. Never tried cooking it. I hear the millefeuille part of the pâtisserie is the hardest to make! I will try not to mess up the recipe… cause God knows I’d be mad if someone puts red wine in Fondue – so I better not make an abomination of a strudel!

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