Day 60: Nuts and Famsitch – The Single Woman’s Diary

JL: Maybe just reserve the Friday afternoon for me, Deb. It’s your last opportunity to get wasted with me.

Me: Not the last time but definitely the first time. As I need my mom to think you and I are getting married, does a crisis, and accepts anything I do hence forth – we will have to meet more often!

JL: Yes, I forgot about that plan! That’s a solid.

Me: Yeah, it’s going to be a new kind of Martini! A Martini-Bandyopadhyay!

And so our morning began. Office chitchats are perhaps the best entertainment and bursts of energy in the middle of a busy day.

I’m still a bit panic stricken. Had to inform the family. Haven’t heard back from the big kahuna yet about the potential small kahuna. Phone is switched off and so is everyone else’s. What is this even? I am suspecting a full-on PowerPoint presentation in progress about pros and cons of the daughters dating life. Still single, though officially dating exclusively. Talk about unnecessary tension from fam-sitch. Almost had a sugar drop. Sigh!

But JL is in the house and she gave me nuts to munch on. And all will be well by this evening! Atleast I believe so.

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