Day 59: Morgan and Porsche – The Single Woman’s Diary

Me: So, when are you considered single after a divorce?

Dan-the-man: I guess it counts as divorced if you receive alimony? But if you don’t, then you are technically single? So girl, you’ve been single forever! *snaps sassy fingers*

Me: That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works!

Church and state! Ah there it is! Society, religion and law. They all have a mind of their own, and juggling them without creating much offence takes a certain street-smartness. For I am not the one to yell, but I will surely be the one to be opinionated.

This apart, doing paperwork for bills and taxation is taxing on our cumulative ADHD energy. So Daniel and I sat there checking out cars we love and making 5-year-plan on which and how to buy. Morgan Plus Four (Dan-the-man, makes more money as a designer than I do, – so he gets to pick the nicer car) and Porsche Mecan (as I have to make-do with less pretty and more sassy, so I went: “yeah, I like my car safe, fast and pretty – let’s put in some bling-bling in there”). Sigh. Best friends. We ride together. Just on a different payroll and hence different dream cars.

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