Day 56: Things I Do! – The Single Woman’s Diary

So JL and I decided to tease our family and workmates, and posted a few photos saying we both got hitched together. Particularly to deviate questions about flowers being delivered to her at work (by a secret admirer – as at her secret, but definitely an admirer); it was absolutely hilarious. Now our families think we both just came out! The number of messages we both received after that short practical joke was even more ridiculous than initially thought. No. I am still single – and surely not bi-nor-lesbian.

Those who know me well they know I have a weakness for flowers and perfumes. White Lilies and Edelweiss are my favourites. Last night, for date night, Adri gave me her sample perfume bottle to spray on and that just smelled divine. I think Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian has officially become my favourite perfume. Previously it was Bvlgari Jasmin Noir, Dior Addict Blue, and – a masculine perfume that turns on my skin and somehow gets fairly feminine – Serge Lutens’ Santal majuscule.

Here’s something many suspected but never knew – I admire the unusual. For example, I hate solitaire diamond rings. If I must have a rock on my finger it better be a Blue-Sapphire – something about it is as unusual as I am. That’s me. I like the unusual, the unique, and the majestic. I have very little tolerance towards generic things. It lacks character. If I like something (or someone) very much, somehow it has all of those qualities and a strong character.

That said, I got into quite a few beer duel last night and oh! Watch-out for anyone who tries to spike your beer with vodka. That thing is potent. Will hit you at the worst moment, like tequila, it’s a sneaky beast!

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