Day 53: The Single Woman’s Diary

Ok. So I am oscillating between sending a care package or a postcard designed by me – to his militia address. Hmm. I truly have no idea what guys like – Oreo/fresh-socks/handcream/deo – or just a handwritten card.

Anyway, that apart – I cannot truly express how important it is for guys to know the difference between a woman showing vulnerability and being insecure. If it’s a strong woman, who lowers her guard and gives you a sneak-peak into her soul – that’s not insecurity, that’s allowing you to see her vulnerability. Difference. Huge difference.

Also, half-a-week of sunshine and now it’s back to stormy weather. And I’m genuinely mortified that the Talibans are in charge of a country. It’s causing anxiety in a very weird way. Sigh. Why do I read the news second thing in the morning? After coffee of course.

One thought on “Day 53: The Single Woman’s Diary

  1. The Taliban being in charge of an entire country is absolutely horrifying imo… And being (once more) confronted with the fact that we live in a world where this kind of thing is a reality faced by countless people every single day… It’s very upsetting.

    But I am very grateful that I get to (simply) find it upsetting. And don’t have to experience it myself….


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