Day 52: The Single Woman’s Diary

Erm… I’m not sure if I am still single. Ah well. If he doesn’t specifically mention it clearly – technically I am still single.

Here’s the thing about us Swiss – might not be a romantic nation, but we take matters of the heart seriously. I prefer taking time to get to know someone properly before completely opening up. However, once you get a Swiss man/woman to open up and commit to a relationship, we are usually in it for the long haul; which is good news if you are looking for something serious. But terrible news if you are just in for something casual. I am the serious type. So for me getting to know someone and opening up to that person is a really important step.

Anyway, this weekend was eventful – St. Gallen was charming as usual and I was completely wasted with Joy getting Schild to feed me more bread (I love my besties and I like this caring Schild-human quite a lot) and I am exhausted.

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